About Us

Trees are not trash

An urban sawmill recycling urban trees.

Urban Lumber is a sawmill company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba dedicated to providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood products.

Co-owners Mike McGarry and Carlee Farmer are environmental visionaries with an educational and professional background in forestry. In 2018 they identified a problem with the local hardwood industry. While 99% of Winnipeg's trees were being chipped in landfill, almost all of the hardwood being used was imported. This realization, after experiencing loss of many elm trees on their own Winnipeg street, prompted them to make change in their hometown.

100% of Urban Lumber's product is crafted from salvaged Winnipeg trees that are removed due to decline or development and would typically be destined for the landfill. Call it tree recycling if you will. Utilizing urban trees sequesters carbon and reduces the demand for traditionally harvested hardwood, which decreases the environmental impact associated with logging and transportation.


  • Over 2,000 trees diverted from landfill
  • Over 1,000 tonnes of carbon sequestered