What is Urban Wood?

Urban wood is lumber made from trees grown in urban environments. We take trees from boulevards, backyards, and parks across Winnipeg. These trees are cut down for various reasons such as disease, development, or they are just at the end of their life. The wood produced is just as strong and beautiful as traditionally harvested wood, but also has a history to go with it. 

How much do you charge for your products?

Check out our available products for current pricing. A full product and pricing list will be coming soon!

Do you know where the trees you mill come from?

Yes! We keep track of where our trees come from. We will often be able to tell you the neighbourhood that piece of wood came from.

What species do you have available?

While we won't always be stocked with everything, here is a list of species you can expect to see regularly here:

American Elm

Bur Oak

Green Ash

Manitoba Maple


Do you have a retail space?

We do! We're located at 1289 Loudoun rd and are open Monday-Friday 9-5 and Saturday 10-2. 

Do you take custom orders? 

We try to accommodate all custom orders, but are limited by species we have in stock. Send us an email and we'll try our best!

How are you allowed to mill diseased trees?

We have a provincial permit allowing us to process Dutch Elm Diseased trees. We follow all municipal and provincial rules and regulations for storage and handling of diseased wood, and have worked with the province to develop a system that allows us to mill these trees safely without risk of further disease spread. The same is true for Ash trees affected by Emerald Ash Borer.

Once diseased trees are debarked or kiln dried, they become 100% safe.

We care about our urban canopy and will do all we can to ensure it is protected. 

Does Dutch Elm Disease or Emerald Ash Borer affect the quality of the wood?

Not at all! Dutch Elm Disease is a fungal disease that affects a very thin layer of tissue right underneath the bark. It doesn't affect the quality or appearance of the wood underneath. Same goes for Ash Borers, these little beetles eat the tissue right under the bark, leaving the wood beneath unaffected.

Do you do custom milling and/or kiln drying?

 We currently have a waitlist for custom milling, give us a call to find out wait times. At this time we do not offer kiln drying services.